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Ready When You Are

ReadyCare is a specialized care program offered by Abide Home Care to provide care services to Assisted Living Facilities, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Hospitals, or Physician Practices.

What is ReadyCare?

Abide ReadyCare is a specialized care program that provides care services tailored to your individual needs. There is no fee for signing up, and you only pay for the care services you need - when you need them. We are dedicated to helping you maintain an enhanced lifestyle and ongoing independence. Contact our regional office today to sign up.

  • Help with daily activities
  • Respite care
  • Medication pickup
  • Caregiver companionship for doctor’s appointments
  • Dining out & social events
  • Transportation needs
Assistance with Daily Activities

From a trip to the beauty salon, or perhaps the supermarket to pick out your favorite produce, we are happy to drive you around town. And tote your bags! Or maybe, you would like to rest and let us take care of the errands. We can do both! Some of the frequent errands we currently provide for clients include:

  • Picking Up Prescriptions
  • Physician Appointments (Transportation to and Companionship during)
  • Attending Events
  • Transportation Needs
  • Social Events
Respite Care

Allowing families to remain families, respite care benefits both the person recieving care, and their primary caregivers, We are here to help fill any gaps for your family, and work with your individual schedule and needs. A few of the benefits of respite care include:

  • Ideal option also for expectant mothers on bed rest
  • Transportation to appointments
  • Laundry Assistance
  • Meal preparation
  • Rest for the primary caregiver
  • Allowing family members to attend to other obligations
  • Reduces Family Friction
  • Increases opportunities for social engagement
24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Trusted Caregivers

You can trust our caregivers with the safety and well-being of your loved one because every Abide Home Care caregiver is thoroughly screened, trained, insured, and supervised by a Registered Nurse.

Qualifications of all In-Home Caregivers

  • Certified Nurse Aide or Personal Care Assistant certification
  • Safe driving record
  • Negative tuberculosis test
  • Clear drug screen
  • Clear criminal background check

What you are saying

I chose them because we were referred by someone.They have helped us the most by taking care of his needs which really makes the family feel better. The caregiver is very flexible and thorough. She is very responsive to him.

Carol F.

Griffin, GA Family member

I like the caregiver they chose for us. My husband was a Delta pilot and she used to be a Delta flight attendant, so they had something in common.She takes him out to eat and he does horseback riding.She is just a joy and they both enjoy the time they spend with each other.

Pam B.

Peachtree City, GA Family Member

I like how friendly and willing to help me. I like the response I get and the caregiver is wonderful.They have helped me by cleaning my house.They are there to do anything else if I need more help such as a doctor's appointment.

Elizabeth S.

Hampton, GA Client

The caregivers at Abide Home Care met all of my needs. They went above and beyond to ensure my mother was taken care of, giving me peace of mind. She has been happier, and I can finally be a daughter again. I will forever be grateful for the loving team at Abide Home Care. God Bless You, all!

Mary S.

Waycross, Georgia Family Member

They have caring staff and personnel.They listened to my father's stories and bonded with him, it became personal for them. I appreciate them being open and honest. They went above and beyond and focused on my dad.

Rolland R.

Morrow, GA Family Member

I could not even have a job right now if it weren't for them coming in. They do everything from bathing to going to doctor's appointments, they dress her, wash sheets, make food, etc. They know exactly what I need as far as matching our home living situation. They work hard to find the right people, even if we have to go through a few people to get there.

Sandy H.

Jackson, GA Family Member

I've had very good success with them. The lady we have now is great.The girl shows up on time and she's able to take me places and do my shopping and is very knowledgeable.

Howard O.

LaGrange, GA Client

We could not have done it without them since we live away from her. They went above and beyond to help her out.They developed a good relationship with her. They developed good relationships with us too.

Ann L.

LaGrange, GA Family Member

They were very responsive as far as setting up everything I needed, and I didn't have to keep calling. They did what they said they were going to do.They were very helpful to me and my family. My mother was taken care of very well, and my mother loved her caregiver.

Vincent M.

Ellerslie, GA Family Member

Our caregiver is awesome, and they have done everything they need to do for us. They are always available when we need them for service.

Krista W.

LaGrange, GA Family Member