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Serving our clients, treasuring our employees, and operating with the utmost dedication to service is our mission. Come see what makes us a truly exceptional place to work.

Our Mission

The Mission of Abide Home Care is to provide warm, personalized care that focuses on the individual’s well-being and safety, enhances their independence, and promotes dignity and quality of life. We seek to make a positive impact every day for seniors in our community. Abide Home Care envisions a world in which senior citizens can age gracefully, socialize often, and live confidently. We choose to make a positive difference in the aging experience. The Abide Home Care team will perform its collective duties with confidence, concern, commitment, cheerfulness, and care. We will treat every contact as a friend, every client as family, and perform every task as an honor.

Personal Growth

Working with seniors can provide many opportunities for personal growth. Not only can it help drive you to be more compassionate, but it may also help you find a new sense of purpose. Caregivers gain self-esteem and personal satisfaction from knowing that the comfort and care they provide enriches the lives of the people around them.

Professional Development

If you are looking for a career opportunity where you are able to continue to advance, look no further than Abide Home Care. Whether you begin your Abide journey in one of our regional offices or in the field as a caregiver, you will acquire many skills that can easily help to build your resume. From fine-tuning your communication skills to learning new coping mechanisms and strategies for life, the rewards keep on giving.

Health & Wellness

Working as a caregiver has many surprising benefits for your health and wellness. You are able to remain physically active while serving others. In addition, you are able to develop a new level of empathy for others. Also, by working daily to help others, you are then better able to tune out the “noise” of life, positively impacting your mental health.


Caregiving allows you to create your own work schedule. Maybe you only want to work on the weekend or during evening hours? Have a schedule that promotes a better work-life balance. With the ever-changing needs of clients and different families, in-home care options allow you to be able to find a schedule that fits your needs.

Our Beliefs & Values

We are deeply committed to keeping our word, engaging everyone, and being trusted by all. When we promise something, we deliver. When we say we care, we do. Caring for the specific needs of our clients while also caring for the needs and desires of the family is our sole focus. When it comes to serving our clients, their families, our communities, and our healthcare partners, we seek to be dependable and reliable, so they can feel secure in our care.

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